No Competition in Yoga

From Dawn Greenfield, Founder of Yoga Born.

I have come to recognize that I can be very demanding on myself. I push myself to limits that may not be enjoyable for me in work, extra activities even friendships. Physically this drive has injured my body and energetically has drained me to the point of stressed-fatigued adrenals. I wanted a deeper – more meaningful experience to better support myself and my daughter.

Over the years of my yoga practice and I began to evolve. My patronizing perfectionist ways began to soften through my desire and willingness to learn more about the practice of yoga. I began to experience self acceptance and understanding that I never knew was possible. When I stopped silently beating up on myself healthy changes started, they were not easy changes to make but I knew deep within that were in my best interest. Friendships that were unhealthy fell away, an inner strength began to emerge as I found my voice.

A voice that speaks more from my heart than my inner critic. I began to believe in myself and my potential! I began to look for the quality of life rather the busy-life-style I had become accustomed to. None of this happened over night but when my ah-ha-moment to open Yoga Born exploded out of my desire to do more for the world as a yoga teacher I was never the same again.

I meet a lot of people during my travels to educate the community about Yoga Born’s unique offerings. Many of the people I meet that are in business mention competition. Their competition, my competition, competition personally I don’t have much invested in it. As an individual I don’t live from a competitive place. You may have experienced at Yoga Born there is not a competitive component to my business practices.

I prefer to focus on what yoga students need and how we can have fun during yoga sessions when we visit. Through the practice of yoga we can become more steady in ourselves so when moments of doubt or insecurity arise we have tools to refer back to. Stretch, breathe, relax and smile is the Yoga Born style.

I want to be very clear in my message, “Each person finds their path and their teacher and chooses to prioritize what is most important for them. Maybe you aren’t on the mat today, but now you know, Yoga Born is here for you when you’re ready to make yourself top priority and have fun doing so!”

At Yoga Born we are committed to teach you PLAYFUL ways for you to learn what your body can do for you, SAFELY! Now is the time for you to enjoy seeing how much you CAN do and how GREAT you feel after class!


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