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Eaglemoon writes….
“Would you like to be a guest on my radio show. Www.
 Looking forward to having a rich bold jazzy conversation with you about
Yoga.  I saw the testimonial with the wonderful man on your website.  Erika Dworkin of the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe was
raving about your care, and your easing her into yoga when she was so reluctant. I’d
love to chat with you about “The Reluctant Yogi”. There’s something about
yoga that I resist, admittedly.  I have so many friends who teach yoga, live
yoga, my own daughter was born doing yoga, but for me… way.
I’d love to chat about the benefits of therapeutic yoga, the brain on yoga,
kids doing yoga, yoga in schools, etc.  How would that be…and then we can chat
about whatever comes up in the moment too, but these are areas I think would be
amazing.  I skipped thru your beautiful website, and feel you have a wonderful
way with the “reluctant yogi”, but I’m also up for whatever you’re most
passionate about right now.”
that was recorded
on Wed May 8, 2013


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