Ready for a pleasurable priority?

The next time you pause to meditate or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed let your attention turn to your breath. Yup, here I go again with the focus on your breath.

If we make it a priority to slow down our bodies, then work on quieting the mind the most amazing things can present themselves…creativity unleashed, new perspectives achieved, worries released, the health comes into balance and the insights of the inner depths are PURE inspiration!

When we direct our mind to our hearts desire then our highest good can guide our brain waves. It’s very easy to lose sight of living life through as an experience of unconditional love when the mind is spinning from the busied details of life.

Prana is a powerful force. This term “Prana” is the life force that holds all things together. It makes all things move and grow and it vitalizes our mind. Prana is the integrating principle of all life.

An open hearted yoga practice can keep suffering at bay and we can be in love with this life….sound good?

BREATHE deeply & enjoy the day.


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