Reiki with Andrea Frasier

The past few weeks have been simply amazing here in the Northeast as Fall has officially set in.

With this shifting of energy there is a clear energetic change that begins to draw our energy within. Just as the trees let go of their leaves and draw their energy in, so do we.

It’s a good time to look within and see what wants to go with you into the winter months and hibernate. The energetic task now really is to look at what projects, ideas and ways of being that you hold now are ready to drop away.

What do you need to let go of, so your energy can grow and expand into something new?

I’ve certainly been feeling the need to create more space and expansion in my own life. I see the things I’ve been holding onto and recognizing a need to let go of certain things, beliefs and behaviors to allow more room for something new to grow.

The Autumn energy so naturally supports this process. The energy is waiting for me to let go…and you too.

Reiki can help you release what NO LONGER SERVES YOU!  To celebrate this, I am offering 20% off of all REIKI sessions this month (* does not include $40 introductory session).

Please call or email to schedule your session today!

All the best,


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