Resist the guilt & wilt you’ve been living

Do you take care of everyone else but not yourself?  If you’ve felt selfish coming to a yoga class you’re not alone! Many come to the yoga practice after they’ve given so much to everyone in their lives they have very little left to give to themselves. They report to us their energy is very low and their motivation is gone. They appear to be “doing great” but internally are wilting like houseplants without nourishment.


We have much to do in our daily lives – Believe me I KNOW….A yoga practice serves you in 3 key ways to encourage you to free yourself of the guilt & wilt you’ve been living. We all know how annoying and disappointed we can feel after taking care of everyone with all our heart and energy only to feel un-noticed and under-appreciated. Before I get into the 3 key ways yoga will enhance your life first let me share with you the basics of attending a yoga class.


When you arrive at Yoga Born Studios we welcome you and take time to visit with you. As you settle in you leave your belongings in the foyer (keys, purse, coat, shoes & cell phone). You check-in to class with the desk staff and cross the threshold of the practice space. The room is comfortable temperature (unless you’re visiting for Heated Yoga 85 degrees) and pleasant music is playing. Other yoga students are unrolling their mats and gathering props that will help them to become very comfortable throughout class (not sure what you’ll need? ask the teacher or the other students).


At the beginning of class you’ll meet the yoga teacher and let them know if you have any concerns or a particular situation that you’ll be tending to during the practice (example: my back has been hurting me all week). Sharing such issues with the teacher is very informative to create a practice that will make you feel strong and relaxed. By the time the class ends you are sure to feel happier and more relaxed than you have all day!


3 keys ways your yoga practice will serve you…

#1 Your physical body becomes stronger, more flexible and your mind becomes clear.


#2 You practice being kinder towards yourself through more positive thoughts.


#3 You show others that you value yourself enough to create time for yourself to become healthier & happier….they will follow your lead and start treating you better & they too will feel happier!


Pause and take 5 focused breathes and you’ll feel amazing….did it work?


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