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Yoga Born LLC was established two years ago in August. Dawn Greenfield the Founder of was a brand new business owner with a big vision to help women be injury and pain free while feeling vibrant and full of vigor mid-life and beyond.

This family is focused on helping you in South Windsor!

Greenfield shares, “I had sustained multiple injures while practicing in large group yoga classes. We would get lost in the loud music, turning our attention away from what our bodies were experiencing. I was in chronic pain. About five years ago I found Therapeutic Yoga. I was determined to feel better, I practiced daily and began to heal My mission for Yoga Born is teach people they absolutely can do yoga and how to stay injury-free while continuing to move their bodies in the most profitable ways.”

As this family run business is growing and evolving the goals and focus continue to be refined.  In less than two years Yoga Born has had to stay ahead of the game to clearly define their niche. The choice to down size the teaching staff allows for Yoga Born to focus 100%  on offering Therapeutic Yoga : Personal & Group Classes.

“At the heart of our Yoga Born mission is to empower people to believe in themselves, ‘if you can come through the door – you can do yoga at Yoga Born’. We create a vacation-vibe by teaching therapeutic yoga for an injury-free yoga practice guaranteed to be non-intimidating. Our approach is appealing to the reluctant inflexible mid-lifers and beyond in our positive, judgment-free non-competitive environment. Each of our reasonably sized classes are designed with you in mind to boost your confidence and find relief.” Dawn Greenfield explains what sets her business apart from others. “Our newest member is 62 years old she began taking classes to help her balance, posture and ease anxiety. Within two months she shared ‘This is the best thing I have done for myself in my whole life. All my goals are being reached and the benefits have exceeded my expectations.”

Celebrating the two year Yoga Born birthday you are invited to attend your First-Class for $10 cash after which the best bargain is $40 for 30 days of unlimited access to classes. Personal sessions are available by appointment. Visit for more details contact Dawn Greenfield (860) 432-5678 Yoga Born is {3 minutes from Evergreen Walk} 1735 Ellington Rd South Windsor & on facebook!


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