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Holiday week Class Schedule

Welcome 2015 week Class Schedule

There are 168 hours in each week. Those who come to Yoga Born have many hours filled with hope, discovery and peace they never knew was possible.

Isn’t it worth one little hour out of 168 to come to a class? The changes you can bring about seem like miracles. Attend a single class to live greater rewards  – contentment, fulfillment and constant growth. See what we have in store . . . Jan 2015 schedule Printable Schedule

In the New Year we have added to the offerings you have been benefiting from. Also we have available immediately New Membership* for you! We know you really want a better way of living (that is full of gains) to feel better than ever and we BELIEVE you can do it!

Sign Up On-line HERE AND NOW *available to everyone, if you are currently in a membership come to us and we’ll help you

We completely understand membership isn’t for everyone, and you’ll still have a few options:

Now is the time to save on class packages (the 15 class package will be discontinued in the New Year)

Still haven’t made it in to Yoga Born?  GIFT YOUR SELF – Unlimited Yoga is our most cost effective option for the student who plans to come 1-2x/week or more and the best way to see and feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice including better overall health, better able to handle stress, more flexible and strong. New Student Offer Sign up today!


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