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Yoga Born in South Windsor has dedicated the facility to a Therapeutic Focus
which includes Reiki, Therapeutic Massage and Therapeutic Yoga.
Now more than ever the practice of slowing down has a positive impact
on the quality of our lives but - who has time to slow down? Yoga Born to the rescue!
Entering year three of serving students with disabilities, pre and post-surgery, traumatic brain injury,
arthritis, scoliosis, chronic pain, sedentary life styles, work related postural issues,
pregnancy, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), golfers, former athletes and the list goes on.
Yoga Born offers a therapeutic yoga practice that is uncommon in a studio centrally located, purposely sets aside some traditional components and does not bring in modern dynamics found in hurried- hot-musically stimulating classes. Therapeutic Yoga sessions in Yoga Born are seasonally temperature controlled – never heated above 75 degrees. Taught in a calming room with detailed instruction, occasional demonstration while the teacher observes for your safety. Public classes are inclusive of absolute beginners, "We love to teach people how much they can do and how good they can feel with a therapeutic yoga practice included into your lifestyle. There are every day tasks you participate in to maintain your well-being brushing your teeth, drinking water, eating, resting consider adding practice therapeutic yoga to this list and you will prosper beyond your own expectations!" Greenfield shares. 

The benefits are profound: creates inner & outer strength and stability, deepens relaxation, quiets the mind, enhances balance and controlled movement improves flexibility of the spine & bone health, initiates internal processes that inspire healing, redefines personal capabilities & potential.
This therapeutic focus is to promote a refined understanding of the innate intelligence of the body and its ability to repair, restore, recover and heal itself. - See more at: www.YogaBorn.com

"Each class is designed and adjusted (most days on the spot) to accommodate the individuals in class.This is what I believe truly sets us apart with Therapeutic Yoga and ensuring each student can fully participate." Co-Founder of Yoga Born and teacher Robert Nolan passionately shares.

Yoga Born 1735 Ellington Rd South Windsor

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30 days of unlimited yoga classes
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