When you work…

When working hard on anything you’re working hard but is it fruitful and fun?

Stepping onto your yoga mat is the perfect time to acknowledge your personal work ethic for you. If you’re trying to hard to make a pose perfect ask yourself …
Am I loving myself? Am I open to grace? Am I breathing deliciously?

The postures of yoga when worked on any level have potential to heal. However when you approach yourself and your life on or off the mat from a place of attuned awareness the pure positive life enhancing shifts that occur are deeply rewarding.

Recognize when you find yourself making shifts away from tenacious tendencies for example… NOT saying something negative, or NOT doing something hurtful, or NOT thinking something judgement (towards yourself* or others). *this is the big one!

We are attracting the most amazing grace-full people at Yoga Born and everyday we are thankful for you believing in yourself enough to invest yourself into our community. We encourage you to CELEBRATE your accomplishes daily – nothing is too small.

Until next time friends – Namasate.


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