Who’s Valentine will you be?

What you need today isn’t what you need yesterday. Would you agree?

We can always benefit from getting quiet, but where do you find the space in our home? We need to collect ourselves without distractions of what ‘has to be done’ but where do we find time for that?

If this sounds like something you’ve been thinking about we want to remind you that some gentle movement can bring can and enhance your abilities to attune to inner peace within the walls of your heart.


This February let your focus a few times a day turn to the rhythm of your natural breath…No time? Next time you’re on the toilet close your eyes and invite a long breath into your belly. Blow the breath out this nourishes every cell of your body. Making internal organs healthier and building immunity to disease. Make this a regular practice and it will have a powerful effect on your mind and your emotions.


When you can make a little more time for yourself visit the studio for a class that fits into your schedule. The yoga teacher will guide you deeper into a deeper awareness of your body with passive and active postures to support big and small muscles. One session a week soothes the heightened states of distress your body has come to know as the “NORM”.

With others and  a nurturing yoga teacher you will enjoy achieving your highest potential and improving the quality of life. We encourage you to accept yourself here and now. Give yourself what you need today.


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