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20160305_103434 Since 2007 Yoga Born has been making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving the stress of life. In 2011 Yoga Born Studios opened in a convenient location to build a positive non-competitive community focused on living life to its fullest. The vision of Yoga Born is to help the whole person with 20160305_101256regular self-care through Stellar Therapeutic Massage with each session customized to meet your personal needs, Reiki (pronounced ray key), which is a gentle, healing touch therapy for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes self-healing, Guided Meditations, and Yoga. The yoga offered is perfect for clients new to yoga and those interested in getting reacquainted. We teach step by step instructions for your body to feel strong, flexible and balanced while you practice relaxing your mind. Also available: Laughter Yoga, Partner Yoga, Personal Therapeutic Yoga, Private Group Yoga, Workplace Yoga, Yoga with Gongs, Daily Yoga Classes, Guided Imagery Meditation Classes, Reiki Certifications, Reiki Share, and Writing Workshops.ct-small_outlined_orange


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