Yoga Challenge : Born to do yoga!

Yoga Challenge June 2015

Born to do yoga!

Yoga improves everything  inside-out

Sign up on at the front desk or HERE ONLINE

 Attend in June and get….

Entered into a drawing to win a $100 value yoga mat, Increased health, Wellness and Sense of peace you didn’t know was possible

Attend 2-3x/week and get… 1 free guest pass & 10% off coupon for yoga package/massage

Attend 4-7x/week and get… Yoga Born shirt, 2 free guest passes & 20% off coupon for yoga package/massage

Did you know?

It takes 4-6 weeks to create a new habit?

Guinness World Records currently lists Bette Calman 85 as oldest yoga teacher?

Proven benefits of yoga : improved flexibility, strength, posture, joint mobility, supple spine, increased bone mass, lower blood pressure?

…need we go on?

Identify a Challenge “Buddy” to support you throughout. You need a yoga services to participate. Membership makes the most sense

Not yet a Member?

One-time offer  30 day unlimited pass for just $80 PURCHASE HERE


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