Yoga for life : evolution

Express yct-small_outlined_orangeIMG_5404ourself!

“Your self-expression is a great service to the world” ~ Danielle LaPorte

Change is built into the fabric of existence and our very being, and yet most of the time we resist change just as naturally as we gravitate towards the comfortable. Yoga teaches us to stretch beyond that comfort zone, to grow our awareness and pay closer attention to each moment. Gradually, we begin to embrace change as the only true ‘constant’, and rather than resist it, we learn celebrate the best that it has to offer us.

Like many of you, I’ve undergone some big changes in the past year, some harder than others. I’ve witnessed a growing acceptance within me to let go. Surrendering to the power of change has been incredibly freeing, and has inspired me to remember that even through life’s challenges, there is a steady presence inside each one of us whispering ‘all is well’.

As we move through this beautiful season of spring, stay present to all the changes, enjoy witnessing new births even as you say goodbye to others. Life is full of colorful changes, enjoy them and most importantly, don’t forget to grow with them!

With Light and Love,


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