Yoga Helped Change Yoga Born’s Owner’s Life

Veronica (l) said she is proud of her mother Dawn. (Quoron Walker / Courant Community)

Veronica (l) said she is proud of her mother Dawn. (Quoron Walker / Courant Community)

Yoga Born is not your typical yoga studio that expects participants to all bend the same way and force their bodies in to awkward positions; they care about the full person. Owner Dawn Greenfield said that yoga helped to change her life.

Greenfield teaches at the studio along with her daughter Veronica Greenfield and other staff. In 2007 Dawn first began instructing in-home yoga to clients who had irregular work schedules or who could not make it to class due to disability. She soon realized that she could make a living following her passion and created Yoga Born.

“I think that everybody needs to keep moving,” Dawn said. “Our approach of yoga is not for the workout and it’s not for the postures, it’s more about getting you comfortable so you can do what you do.”

Veronica said the studio focuses on alignment.

“When people arrive we talk to them about what they have going on and each class is totally different to make sure everyone is safe,” Veronica said.

Along with offering a number of yoga classes, Yoga Born also offers massages, reiki, reflexology and personal yoga sessions.

Dawn was first introduced to yoga in 2000 and her life at the time had her looking for some type of escape, she said. She had Veronica while still a sophomore in high school. Growing up, Dawn’s mother was a heroin addict and her father an alcoholic which led her to fight her own battles.

Yoga helped her to change her mindset and face her problems and negative thoughts head on, she said.

“I was facing those [issues] and I wasn’t hanging on to them anymore and then I could deal with responsibilities in a much more productive way,” Dawn said. “These days I feel like yoga is more of a connection to everything and everybody and a higher power.” She added that yoga is now like a retreat for her and she is no longer having anxiety problems.

Veronica said she is has a hard time understanding how her mother turned her life in to a success.

“It’s pretty much against like any statistic there should be because you’d think a teen mom would create another teen mom but she started a business as young single parent,” Veronica said proudly. “I literally can’t wrap my brain around it.”

“Everything that I’ve experienced is the reason I’ve opened this place,” Dawn said. She added that she welcomes individuals from all walks of life to her business.

“[Yoga Born] is more about hard working people whether you’re a college kid or a lawyer or teacher or you’re a cop or someone retired helping their family out – it’s for people to come and chill and take care of themselves,” she said.

For more information about Yoga Born or to book a session, visit or call 860-432-5678. Yoga Born is located at 1735 Ellington Road in South Windsor.


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