Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Saturdays July – Sep 7:15-8:00AM
Advance sign up required
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06.03.18 (3)Like anything meditation takes practice.

Like playing an instrument or sports.

NEW CLASS Jul – Sep ’18: This course includes movement to prepare the body and mind for a variety of meditation techniques and is designed for all levels. Use this to invest in your commitment to self-care.
The key to success is to start where you are – right where you are, not when things get better, not if things were different, not if you had what somebody else has, start where you are.
“My meditation experiences led me to believe consistency is the key to success. Practicing together is empowering as we focus our thoughts on simply walking, breathing, being in the moment and reflecting on our deserving-ness of absolute well-being. You deserve to work out stress and feel better.” Dawn Greenfield


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