Yoga South Windsor

When the stress is too much, your body-mind are exhausted and you want to feel better visit…Public Classes or make an appointment for your Personalized Program to begin. We teach slower paced therapeutic yoga to align you fully to thrive! Make time for self-care today with a good stretch you’ll enjoy your health beyond retirement! Beginners Needed!


Are you finding your calendar is full ? How many of your day to day circumstances are getting less demanding? We can see it’s evident life doesn’t get less stressful.The inevitability of stress makes our yoga practice a necessity for many of us. For a pleasant, peaceful period in the midst of a difficult or hectic situation visit Yoga Born CLASS SCHEDULE HERE.

We’ll guide and teach you ways to turn your focus on yourself for the most powerfully nurturing practice to help balance and heal the physical, mental and emotional challenges that arise. Yoga Born is an oasis for you! If you need to get cheered up put a visit to Yoga Born on your calendar today!

There is something astounding about your presence in a place of practice. Come and be one the magnificent people (especially when you don’t feel magnificent) creating a pleasant and peaceful period in the midst of our busy lives.


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