Beginner Yoga

Yoga for body image issues

Yoga Born Body Positive;  You, Me , We : love the body you were born with.  The Yoga Born Mission is to help people create a healthy, positive body image. Now is the time we take a stand for ourselves.  Do you love your body? Your answer strongly influences behavior, self-care and your health. Yoga Born highly […]

Yoga Promise

FREE TO SIGN UP!  GET ENROLLED HERE Summer Yoga Promise! Starting Sat Jul 15 thru Tue Sep 15, don’t miss out…. It’s easy, it’s fun and you will feel TOTALLY AWESOME; plus win prizes….All you have to do is keep practicing yoga! #1 Estimate how many classes you’ll attend & document your GOAL. #2 Use the APP to schedule classes & mark […]

Chair Yoga

CHAIR YOGA 5 WEEKS July 8, 2017, South Windsor, CT –  Yoga Born is Yoga You Can Do – Improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility. Have people been telling you to try yoga but you can’t get down on and up from the floor? Chair Yoga 5weeks is for you. View Flier There will be a different […]

Yoga tips for shoulder neck stiffness

We teach alignment yoga using the wisdom of traditional yoga to help you relieve pain through alignment, engagement, stretching and breathing! Neck and shoulder tension, stiffness, soreness, and pain are common symptoms of anxiety. Try these easy to follow moves and share them with friends! CLICK WATCH VIDEO Never do anything that hurts. Practice these moves […]

Yoga for a hectic lifestyle

QUESTION: How do you focus and stay your best during the fluctuation between celebrations, losses, responsibilities, work, family, and self-care? ANSWER: To stay focused I need my yoga and meditation practice, everyday…and it’s just that – a practice! Every so often a new level of awareness beckons. Sometimes I’m annoyed, other times I’m delighted, either way I am always rewarded […]