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Conversation with: Dawn Greenfield

Conversation with: Dawn Greenfield By Zachariah Hand Journal Inquirer | Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2016 7:00 am ‘I just want people to feel more comfortable and confident’ For Dawn Greenfield, yoga is much more than a workout or complex poses. Yoga is a means of improving both inner and outer strength, and a way to […]

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Veterans take first yoga class* at no cost.  Yoga Born is passionate about making yoga accessible and sustainable.  Learning yoga has been a game changer for many veterans. Proven benefits of yoga : improved flexibility, strength, posture, joint mobility, supple spine, increased bone mass, lower blood pressure.  Rewards of attending regularly are increased health, wellness and sense […]

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Is life showering you with stress? Your behavior, mood, and body are all impacted by the stress you experience no matter how old you are. A relaxing Reiki, massage & personal therapeutic yoga session can help lower blood pressure, increase circulation and promote better overall health and wellness. Visit or call us today to schedule […]