Wellness Work-Space

Wellness Work-Space we believe Sharing is Caring Want a space to share your passion and make money? Join us in our premier location and be apart of a Wellness Work-space in South Windsor! Since opening in 2011 the dream has been to co-create a vibrant wellness community with people like you!  Dawn teaches yoga classes/personal yoga, Cari is a massage therapist, and Bonnie is a […]

Room For Rent

ROOM FOR RENT Share your passion! Perfect space for therapist, reflexologist, nutrition consulting, acupuncture, private yoga etc.   Conveniently in South Windsor Since 2011  Ground level handicap accessible Busy plaza with well lit parking lot Reception room for clients’ belongings Soothing studio with sound system Separate treatment room for appointment services Business open daily Kind non-competitive community that looks forward […]

TALK: Is That Your Intuition Talking?

TALK FROM THE ALLIANCE FOR HOLISTIC LIVING WORKSHOP 2017 SERIES The Alliance for Holistic Living; Mission: To promote holistic living in our communities through collaborative ventures with integrity and respect for all creation. ​al·li·ance: a close association formed to advance common interests or causes ​ho·lis·tic: emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts liv·ing:  a […]

Yoga for body & mind

Yoga Born is know best for teaching alignment yoga that can be practiced easily to give you more balance in your whole life! Debbie started attending Yoga Born classes almost one year ago and has found it to be the best workout for her body and mind ever. All the teachers skillfully address your needs, where […]

Personal Note From Owner

Personal Note from Dawn Greenfield I was stressed to the max and 20lbs heavier than I was comfortable with. I knew I had to do something differently but couldn’t think straight. Busyness had thrown me into survival mode and I stopped caring about the things I care about.  My 2016 New Year Revolution Theme was BELIEVE.  Every day of each month proved […]