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SALES 9/1/15 – 9/9/15

Have you been curious about trying yoga? Not sure where to go? Yoga Born is where you can fit in. Yoga Born has a passion for making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving with chronic; neck, back, shoulders, hips and more. Yoga Born Studios (YBS) is in a convenient location home to a positive non-competitive community focused on living life to its fullest. You don’t have to look like the yoga photographs you’ve seen in advertising – we certainly don’t.  The Yoga Born Team is made up of hard working people who have lived in anguish and discovered ways to live in serenity.

SALE : Unlimited 2 Weeks $20 BUY NOW

Typically a single class is $20. This is the best sale ever!

We promise that you don’t have to know a thing about Yoga to participate and you will surely benefit from any time on a yoga mat. Yoga Born Studios has a very specific goal to meet you where you are in terms of flexibility, strength, any limitations you are aware of and to help you. Your comfort is important to this family-run business even the seasonally considerate temperature in our Yoga Studio (no hot yoga classes here). View Class Schedule online at

Being able to get on the floor and up again is a requirement to attend classes.

SALE : Personal Therapeutic Yoga $70 BUY NOW

Regular Personal Therapeutic Yoga $80

Cannot in your current condition? 
Yoga Born Owners and Founders Dawn Greenfield and Rob Nolan are available to meet your needs in Personal Therapeutic Yoga Appointments.

Developing an understanding of the anatomy and bio-mechanics of the body is essential to the successful performance of yoga postures. Knowing not only what posture to do, but how to do it, is the difference between healing and hurting. 

Sequentially understanding how to ideally align the body, increase stability, and maximize mobility safely are effective and necessary tools for both practitioners and teachers. 

How we do the things we do matters, and at Yoga Born, we teach in a way that reflects this. Yoga and yoga therapeutics aren’t different things. Good yoga should be therapeutic! Personal Therapeutic Yoga sessions are an ideal way to address certain kinds of physical ailments. The practitioner is guided to use the practice and alignment principles to strengthen and open the body. Healing occurs by accessing the inherent wisdom of the body and returning to the optimal physical blueprint.

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