Healthy New Year Resolutions?

Resolution… Noun…A firm decision to do or not to do something.

Synonyms… decision – determination – resolve – solution

Relaxation can improve and regulate immune - digestion.

It’s easy to offer others our loving presence but what about You? I know that You work, give, fix, transport, organize, clean, cook, take care of and repeat day after day. That outpouring of energy, love, attention and focus comes from the well-spring with-in. Now think deeply might it be ” healthy resolution time ” ?


QUESTION: Do you know anyone that has given to others their whole life and appears bitter? WATCH VIDEO AND SHARE


We all know someone and maybe even you find yourself feeling this way. More and more we are seeing the impact of stress on the body. In the New Year make a healthy resolution to yourself to pause.

With-in the pause let’s meditate, pray and invoke the light of your heart to nourish every cell of your being. May your healthy resolution lead you to spend time in nature, spend time in community, sing with joy and remember love is the most powerful activator for positive change to manifest on this planet. May your healthy resolution in the New Year inspire, motivate and encourage you!


This resolution will encourage you to have a healthier relationship with yourself and other relationships will be much easier. You will enjoy your days more completely when your resolutions come from a loving place with-in.


I thank you for being the light of awareness, the fire of the heart and the glow of your innate luster. May your desire to create a Healthy New Year Resolution lead you to know You are beautiful. You are living wisdom. You are love.


PS.Do you have trouble with creating a pause in your full life? Let your New Year Resolution to include – look up Relax 101 / Meditate 101 (no experience necessary for any Yoga Born offerings !)


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