Eat More Kale vs. Chick-fil-A (can WE end bullying?)

Since being turned onto a healthy more balanced way to eat supporting my yoga-loving body I had found out about Eat More Kale products. One year I gave Eat More Kale T-Shirts and stickers for Valentines Day Gifts which everyone loved! I notice Eat More Kale stickers a mile away and get a thrill to know we are encouraging Small  Businesses.


Bo Muller-Moore loves t-shirts & always has. Looking for subtle, simple designs or statements on earthy colors and soft, thick cotton. He felt it wasn’t easy to find an awesome shirt, so he took matters into his own hands, and after receiving a simple screen-printing kit, began printing his own designs on blank, locally dyed tees. His first shirt said, “cheese”. Today his world famous shirts say, “Eat More Kale”.


Eat More Kale is under siege by Chick-fil-A who has trade marked “eat mor chikin” ordering Muller-Moore to stop using the phrase and turn over his website,, to Chick-fil-A.


I’m sorry to see such bullying action by a large company over a small family owned business. In a time where “making it” as a  little guy feels harder when big businesses have more resources to capture the public eye  I’m thankful to be free to support the Eat More Kale movement. My family believes in his product, message and we hope Bo can feel that he’s encouraged by the Yoga Born Studios Family to continue on with his passion.


If you also believe in showing your support right now on-line you can “Sign” his petition to stand up for Small Business =

Chick-fil-A: Stop Bullying Small Business Owners


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