Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest




Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest

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Sat & Sun Mar 25 & 26 2017


SATURDAY MARCH 25 @ 12 p.m.

Writing Your Pictorial History and Your Spiritual Will – Boneta Zaman

Do you have a box of old letters, postcards, and photos with nothing but names and dates written on the back of each? You could put all these together and start writing your Pictorial History, the story of your life. Stories are what make us human, setting us apart from all other species. Your own Pictorial History goes a step further and sets you apart from all other humans. It is a way to share your unique experiences with those closest to your heart:  your intimate circle of family and friends.  Unlike lengthy memoirs, a Pictorial History is typically comprised of many pictures accompanied by short stories that share your life experiences one bite-sized nugget at a time. The impact of writing and sharing your Pictorial History is profound on two levels.  It gives you, the writer, greater perspective and understanding of your own life, even helping you find significance Bonnie (1) WEBand purpose going forward. And it gives your loved ones insights and wisdom, a connection to their past, a richer understanding of who you are, and a new perspective on their own lives. It provides them with real life examples of how to understand and cope with life’s quandaries as they continue along their life journeys. A Spiritual Will is a summary of our unique, personal reflections about life and living from the perspective of the core beliefs and principles that give our lives meaning. It is our own statement of faith and spiritual wisdom that we wish to pass on to those who follow us in this life so that they may come to understand that they too are called to a life journey in faith – a journey not taken in isolation but rather as a part of an historical continuum of spiritual searching of which they are a part. This means that a Spiritual Will is more than a collection of our values and stories, it is about capturing and then sharing the wisdom that life has taught us.

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Boneta Ray (Bonnie) Zaman
Harmonious Self /Boneta Ray Writes 

dawn ji 07.2016SUNDAY MARCH 26 @ 11 a.m.

When, What, Why, How: Therapeutic Yoga Creates Optimal Health – Dawn Greenfield

Do you find yourself knowing you need to move your body but have no motivation? Perhaps you have aches, pains, or an injury that keeps you from doing what you used to be able to do. Maybe you’ve been interested in trying yoga but don’t know where to start? Come listen, learn and experience Therapeutic Yoga Practice. This is not your typical yoga or just gentle yoga, this is yoga you can do, to be who you were born to be! Allow Dawn to teach you step-by-step how align, engage, and practice feeling more peaceful. You will learn how to use the wisdom of a Therapeutic Yoga Practice to address your daily discomforts. This is your chance to have fun while safely losing inches, improving flexibility, building muscle, improving balance, and lifting your mood.

Class Schedule MAR-JUN 2017

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Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born 1735 Ellington Rd, Town Center Plaza, South Windsor, CT 06074 (860) 432-5678


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