Help for Your Fatigued Adrenals

Many of us are suffering with Fatigued Adrenals without any idea what to do about it. The stress of everyday life comes and goes however is held in the body. If you are constantly busy and living off coffee, with stress unaddressed you maybe suffering from Fatigued Adrenals.

no experience is need for optimal adrenal health!

The Adrenal Glands sit on top of the kidneys with the responsibility of regulating your body’s stress responses. Simply stated over-worked adrenal glands will cause problems with your health. Are you wondering how do I know if my Adrenals are Fatiqued?

Our lives are fast-paced and many are dealing with the following and think it’s normal….Do you have?

Low back pain/knee weakness/dark circles under the eyes/dizziness/muscle twitches/heart palpitations/sensitivity to light/difficulty seeing at night/chronic infections/lack of libido/poor concentration.

The Adrenal Glands basically regulate the body, attending to the adrenal glands may solve your unexplained health challenges.

Enjoying peace and quiet is a unique and rare opportunity for most unless you visit Yoga Born Studios in South Windsor.  Dawn Greenfield, Founder of Yoga Born has clearly stated, “The goal here is to help you feel better than ever, fall in love with your body, yourself and live a happy life! Yoga Born’s public classes and Personalized Yoga are for those that are ready to take care of themselves, enjoy slowing down in a gentler yoga practice that will soothe the nervous system. A great deal of healing happens at Yoga Born. During the practice we teach students to softening the thinking mind, breathing and step-by-step moves. We strive for everyone to enjoy the one-of-a-kind-yoga-studio and many are striving from this offering!”

Yoga Born Studios is located at 1735 Ellington Rd,  South Windsor. Interested parties please call Dawn at (860) 432-5678.


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