Helping pets in need

The Dandelion Fund was established in 2002 as a method of offering assistance to existing clients of our practice in providing medical or surgical care for a beloved pet suffering from catastrophic injury. To be considered for the Dandelion Fund, the pet must be an existing, active patient of South Windsor Veterinary Clinic. The pet must have received routine medical care at our facility within the last year and be current on rabies vaccinations.

The Dandelion Fund is made available through the kind donations of our staff and existing clients, and has historically been applied to patients with a good chance of recovery who have suffered a severe, unexpected injury. Since the fund is very limited it is not intended to subsidize routine care nor to entirely fund medical care for a catastrophic event, but rather to lend a hand to those pet owners who have demonstrated good faith provision of basic pet health care previously but are suddenly faced with a situation that threatens their ability to continue providing the level of medical care required.

Utilization of the Dandelion Fund toward a pet’s expenses is under the discretion of the pet care team of South Windsor Veterinary Clinic for those individuals who have met the above criteria and demonstrated financial need.


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