Hey sugar don’t be blu (part 1)

Guest Blog by : Maria B. Mayer – Health Coach

Have you ever tried to change your diet away from the Standard American Diet? Have you ever looked around and seen people eating highly processed foods with a high levels of fat, sugar and sodium and decided this is not the fuel my body really needs? Or maybe you have identified a food allergy and are working to avoid certain ingredients like gluten or soy.

I have been examining what I put in my body over the last few years and experimenting with some different options, moving away from processed food adding in more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We are all very unique and respond differently to foods. A combination of foods that makes me feel energetic and inspired could make someone else sluggish and tired. And this can also change over time depending on what we have going on in our lives – stress levels and other factors influence the ratios of macro- and micronutrients our bodies require.

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