Keep it simple….

With storm on it’s way and everyone preparing for the unknown I am reflecting on how a consistent yoga practice can prepare you for the unknown of life.


When attending a public class you join in a collective creation of encouraging energy. Individually you pause and take into account how you feel all over and discover the unknown with-in you. A time for physical stillness allows you to notice any physical sensations, mental currents and emotional stirrings (without any judging, critism or comparing). A nurturing yoga practice helps you find the steadiness to handle any unknown situation that life sends your way.

Do you find that your attention is focused on a to-do-list more often than your personal needs? If you want to feel stronger, more flexible and more clear I suggest you “test-drive” a Yoga Born class.

There are no strangers at Yoga Born only friends you haven’t met yet. You’ll feel welcomed when you arrive and vibrantly refreshed when you leave.


Surround yourself with people who like you the way you are… wants you to feel in love with your life as often as possible!


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