Laughter Yoga

Written by Melody Beattie Journey to the Heart page 204

Find the Humor in It

Together, we laugh a lot. Learning to laugh, learning to find humor either in what we’re going through, or despite it, is a powerful tool on this journey.

Cherish the gift of humor. Life doesn’t need to be so gloomy. Spirituality doesn’t need to be so serious and somber. Work doesn’t need to be that way either.

yoga born fansLearn to see the humor  in life.

Look for it.

Find it.

Enjoy it.

Surround yourself with people who like to laugh. Being around people who laugh can open us up to the power of humor in our own lives. Laughter can become contagious. There is something magnetic, something healing, about being around people who let themselves laugh often.

There is no situation in life that can’t be improved by laughter. Sometimes humor can help us get through situations we couldn’t possibly endure without it. Sometimes laughter isn’t superfluous; it’s essential.


Sometimes laughter is the next 

lesson we need to be learning.


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