Meditation Made Easier

mind body connectMeditation Made Easier. Learning how to meditate takes time and patience. But practicing is made easier and simpler through the practice of guided meditations.

meditation WEB 06.2017Guided meditations are when you are guided by a teacher or practitioner, and in your mind, the teacher or practitioner takes you on a journey designed to improve an aspect of your life, such as healing, manifesting wholeness, developing more self-confidence, reaching goals, learning how to forgive, etc.Bonnie (1) WEB

Bonnie Zaman offers a group class Guided Imagery Meditation once a month at Yoga Born. Bonnie also works one on one with people in Guided Imagery Meditation, Aroma Therapy, Reiki for People and Animals. 

There are many meditation benefits that are both physical and psychological. Come practice Guided Imagery Mediation and experience the meditating today!ct-small_outlined_orange


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