National Yoga Month Being Celebrated in South Windsor

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September is National Yoga Month. Have you been curious about trying yoga? Not sure where to go? Yoga Born is where you can fit in. Since 2007, Yoga Born has been offering Therapeutic Yoga making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving with chronic back pain, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, just to name a few. 

In 2011, Yoga Born Studios (YBS) opened in a convenient location to build a positive non-competitive community focused on living life to its fullest. We promise you don’t have to match the yoga photographs you’ve seen in advertising – we certainly don’t. 

The Yoga Born Team is made up of hard working people who have lived in anguish and discovered ways to live in serenity. We look forward to meeting you during Yoga Born’s Celebration of National Yoga Month.

During National Yoga Month on Saturday September 19 between 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM there is no charge to sample Reiki and Stellar Therapeutic Massage. Yoga Classes have limited space, so reserve your spot online, or by calling. Beginners Yoga 11:00 -11:45 AM, Get Balanced Yoga 12:00-12:45 PM (body & mind), Mixed Levels Yoga 1:00-1:45 PM (moderately challenging). We promise that you don’t have to know a thing about yoga to participate and you will surely benefit from any time on a yoga mat. The Yoga Born Team greatest joy is to share our knowledge and guide you towards well-being.

Every time you visit you are training your body and mind to move in a comfortable, healthier and happier direction. Yoga Born Studios has a very specific goal to meet you where you are in terms of flexibility, strength, any limitations you are aware of and to help you with YBS Three C’s: Connection, Comfort and Confidence.

The Connection begins when you are greeted at the front door, take a facility tour and discuss your interest in starting Therapeutic Yoga. Your Comfort is important to our family-run business as you enjoy complimentary refreshments available down to the seasonally considerate temperature in our rooms for Reiki, Massage and Yoga (no hot yoga classes here). We are masters at building your Confidence by teaching you a step-by-step combination of breathing, alignment and engaging muscle.

We have designed yoga classes on a scale of challenge, from an easy-going Restorative Yoga up to our most challenging Strength and Structure Yoga. We guide yoga students away from stressful days into a time of reflecting on ways to measure health.

For example; Does your body move with ease? Do you have the energy you want? Are you sleeping well at night? Answers to these questions are a better gauge on health than numbers on a scale. A regular yoga practice can address these issues and more.

“Banish doubt. When doubt is banished abundance flourishes and anything is possible.”- Dr Wayne W Dyer. We meet people at the Yoga Born door every day that think they can’t do yoga, but have been hearing from people in the Yoga Born Community about the unique practice that is greatly improving their quality of life. We have created a place for hard working people to show up, find relief and get back to life feeling refreshed.

More than ever people can benefit from Therapeutic Yoga. Being able to get on the floor and up again is a requirement to attend classes. Cannot in your current condition? Yoga Born Owners and Founders Dawn Greenfield and Rob Nolan are available to meet your needs in Personal Therapeutic Yoga Appointments. Call to request your discounted first appointment 860-432-5678. For Veterans, “Thank you for your service”, allows you to attend your first class at no charge. View Class Schedule online at Visit 1735 Ellington Rd  South Windsor (Inside Town Center; Stop and Shop Plaza)

National Yoga Month 2015


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