New Year, New Way

ct-small_outlined_orangeNew Year Revolution Workshop Review from Cari Mott, Founder of Stellar Therapeutic Massage.

Last year I took this workshop and could not BELIEVE how useful it was. Every intention I set for myself during that workshop became the focus of my whole year, and at times I didn’t even realize that I was still working toward those things. 


team-9-49The theme of my Revolution was balance. January this year I was working 35+ hours at Starbucks while building my massage practice. I was STRESSED OUT. I was cranky a good portion of the time. I made almost no time for myself and my body was just barely keeping up with the workload I was giving it (working 5:30a-2 four days a week and about 5-10 hours of massages which translates to about 10-25 hours worked) I had no days off and I was wondering if I really wanted more clients on my table because I was stretching myself so thin.

I needed a balance. I needed to be able to separate my work time from my home time. I needed to value my own time more and not allow others to dictate what I do with my free time. I needed to be able to have a guilt free day off.

Through this workshop I was able to turn ambiguous feelings into full thoughts and words and write those down. It allowed me to really decide then and there what I was going to do with the coming year, not just the quantifiable goals (such as how my practice almost tripled within this year and I was able to quit Starbucks) but the emotional goals that set the groundwork for it.

holiday-01-2017This workshop was 10/10. Dawn really hit the nail on the head facilitating a practice and thought process into what I needed for my 2016. I appreciate it greatly!!

New Year Revolution Workshop

Sat Jan 7 11am-1pm

$40 Sign Up By Dec 31 / $50 After
(Members $20 Sign Up By Dec 31/ $30 After)


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