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ct-small_outlined_orangePersonal Note from Dawn Greenfield

I was stressed to the max and 20lbs heavier than I was comfortable with. I knew I had to do something differently but couldn’t think straight. Busyness had thrown me into survival mode and I stopped caring about the things I care about. 

My 2016 New Year Revolution Theme was BELIEVE. 

Every day of each month proved to unfold positively both professionally and personally.

dawn-linkedin-10-2016To name just a few Yoga Born…

…hired two more employees.

…exceeded monthly attendance goals. 

…welcomed five new members a month. 

…won South Windsor Chamber Small Business of the Year.

…successfully mentored Sarah & Heather to begin teaching in 2017!

We congratulate Cari Mott, of Stellar Therapeutic Massage. She also attended the New Year Revolution and soared into 2016! She has achieved her business goals (now full time self-employed), while addressing personal care. READ MORE

Rob and Dawn traveled to Mexico and Yoga Born kept humming!  Dawn celebrated turning 40. Our family enjoyed time away in the Berkshires, and we loved the Norman Rockwell Museum. Veronica graduated college (ceremony in Spring 2017). Rob got a fantastic promotion! There’s been more time than ever (since opening Yoga Born in 2011) for self-care.

If you are interested in taking a new approach to enter your New Year and want to make some personal improvements

crownedI hope you’ll join me for yoga and life planning. A New Year theme an shape, challenge and stretch you to new heights. With support from the group you have the potential to maximize your theme and live it out. Take time to focus on what matters the most to you, today and all year for complete personal health and success!

New Year REVOLUTION on Sat Jan 7 @ 11am-1pm 

Sign up by Thu Jan 5th

$50 (Members $30)



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