Positive community

Do you hear folks around you ranting about the latest personal injustice? They always have something that is going wrong in their life and they are leaving you feeling slimed by their negativity? Would you like to stay your own course and feel stronger to not get pulled in?

We are open each day to offer you opportunities to build your strength from with-in as well as your whole body-mind. As a woman owned business and family operated we strive to maintain the facility as a positive enviroment for all who choose to visit with us. Our retention rate is 80% because there are some that visit that aren’t ready for our “Pollyanna” attitude. We fully understand those perspectives because there was a time that we too would not have been ready for this. However after many years of yoga and meditation and a very full life we have been through enough that we know…we create the life we want to live and we mix it up with those that wish to have a happy time in life.


Each time you visit you connect to yourself and enjoy the recognition of your own goodness and practice trusting yourself at a deep level. Through the practice and knowing of your power and beauty you begin to see the same in others with ease…in time this leads to less judging  and more joy!


Visit our positive community today for some hot drink, a slice of orange and some good belly laughs!


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