Prenatal Friendly Yoga

Yoga Born’s First Baby!

Mama began yoga as a brand new student at Yoga Born. She became pregnant and continued with dedication in attending public classes. Even on the long hard days when her body was sore and mind buzzing with endless details Mama still arrived for weekly classes. The whole Yoga Born family and community was thrilled to see Mama return after her baby was born.

Many have requested a public class for women during their pregnancy.”Taking prenatal friendly yoga supported me when my body was challenging me the most. At a time when I felt very focused on a growing being, I needed at least one weekly reminder of the importance of putting myself first. I appreciated, as a beginner to yoga, that the class was for individuals at all levels. And while the class certainly pushed me, I never felt overly taxed. Instead, incredibly, I left each session with more energy and animation than I possessed when I walked into class. It was also extraordinarily rewarding to spend time with a cohort of women.”

Yoga Born will be offering such a class
Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm Yoga 1 – Prenatal Friendly 
starting Thu Jan 9-Mar 29.

Please let women know this class leads to great success throughout all stages of pregnancy, birthing and into motherhood.

Dads-to-be are invited to attend also!


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