Remembering can be a Battle

I am challenged during a tumultuous time of crisis, chaos, sadness and loss. I strive to be a blazing bright light of love for myself, my girls, my partner, my friends and my community. Honestly I feel that I’m missing my target these days. One meeting leads to another with the state regarding my foster daughter choosing to transition out of our home towards independent living.

Currents of great turbulence have brought to the forefront of my mind I have to do MORE work on my-inner-self. My strength to face such realities is a blessing from my time on my yoga mat.

I’ve felt angry and scared during the past weeks. I proceeded to feel rejected and sad. I was able to meet myself and temp the SMALL me towards a desire to REMEMBER a feeling of joy inside once again regardless of emotional exhaustion.

I historically have a tendency to squash down my negative feelings and charge forward toward my responsibilities without actually FEELING. In the past such patterns did serve me however I’ve accumulated some heavy residue. I’ve practiced on my yoga mat NOT JUDGING my tendencies and I practice witnessing. I have the POWER to acknowledge, “I’m frustrated and scared” with tears pouring down my face.

To my yoga mat each morning! Breathing to soften my skin experiencing my physical and emotional body with compassion. I had a desire to remain strong and know I’m SAFEto feel.

Practicing yoga is planting seeds of POSITIVITY

If we can recall and experience the current of life and love without holding onto stories or ignoring messages from our body I believe ! We are able to experience living through the most unimaginable events to BREAK OUT into dance and LIVE in the great balance of pain and joy.

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1 Sonny { 10.24.11 at 1:19 pm }

Stands back from the kyeboard in amazement! Thanks!