so long stress!

Our tolerance for stress is at an all time high!
Therapeutic yoga teaches step-by-step how to
slow down from the
hectic routine and
care for you.

How often are you at the end of crazy situation or day and wondering…..
Where did this day go?
Why does this keep happening to me?
How has this become my life?

You are not alone! 
Slowing down may sound unrealistic for care-givers but now more than ever will benefit your sleep, eating, aches, pains, mood, productivity, confidence,
clear minded and you’ll feel happy.
If you’d like to benefit in any of these areas of life, Yoga Born is for you! You were born knowing yoga and deserve to move forward gracefully~ even joyfully.No official yoga experience is required to attend our group classes – we promise we’ll teach you everything you need to knowto feel amazing*. 

With a regular practice you can learn options to progressively work alignments that will build heat in the body  Each class is beginner friendly. Classes are not about the pose names and there’s one pace – YOURS! All classes are gentle in nature to purposely slow down the body and the mind free from outside distractions.

Ready to get started?


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