Still Motivated?

When I formally began my Yoga practice I had no idea where it would lead me. I have to be fully transparent here with a little back story that very few know about me.

I lived within families that where very judgmental and critical. I grew up feeling as though I was a burden and certainly not loved.

Fast forward to my “adulthood” by the age of 20 I was raising a 2 year old alone and 100% in survival mode. I became obsessed with “eating right” and my workouts.

For about ten years my motivation was critical self thought. My workouts would start at 4 am continue during my lunch break, after work I would always find a gym with a daycare for  my “after work routine” and most nights some physical activity that could involve my daughter after dinner. Always pushing my self.

After thousands of hours of personal yoga practice and meditation I began to realize I was much nicer to everyone else than I was to myself.  My internal monologue began to shift to one that I’d use with my daughter. Much more caring, understanding and loving. It’s been a long journey but well worth the work.

Today my motivation shifts between the need to tap into inner peace, pain relief and maintenance. However at the heart of all this desire I know very well is feel happy and create a life that has quality experiences.
What motivates you as the January 2013 comes to a close? Has your motivation been lost? Do you feel satisfied?


Are you willing to live for the next ten years with your inner world as it is right now?


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