Success Story : Yoga for rheumatoid arthritis

ct-small_outlined_orangeYoga Born is open each day so people can feel more comfortable and confident.

Lisa suffered for years due to rheumatoid arthritis. A chronic inflammatory disorder that can affect more than just your joints.

Over long periods of time, the inflammation

Yoga for rheumatoid arthritis

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associated with rheumatoid arthritis can cause bone erosion and joint deformity.
The yoga teachers guide her away from a busy day to soothe the whole body and help Lisa feel better than she did when she first arrived at Yoga Born.

Before you even walk in the Yoga Born door you will smell the incense and you’ll know that you’ve arrived! Yoga Born does a good job of creating a friendly, welcoming culture as far as staff and clients.

Yoga Born skillfully and discreetly keep track of what people have going on such as

rheumatoid arthritis yoga

Lisa is feeling strong & living with less pain.

rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain, wrist surgery, cancer survivor, PTSD and more specific details to meet your needs.

So if you walk in and you’ve had your knee replaced, the class plan is not going to involve anything on your hands and knees. However the class will surely benefit building strength and flexibility while helping you relax. Yoga Born teachers take all of your uniqueness into consideration and customize the classes for people so they can get the most out of it when they’re here.

For folks that can not attend public classes Yoga Born offers a wide variety of Personal Sessions for you if you can’t get on the floor or have specific limitations or sensitives.

Do you ever imagine living without pain? This is your chance to give it a try! 

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Intro offer for classes $40

Introductory offer for personal yoga $50

You are worth the time & investment
You may not believe this right now BUT WE DO!

Just like Lisa you can steady your CRAZY-BUSY professional life with a PAIN-FREE personal life


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