Talk : Memoirs Are For All Of Us


Thursday October 15 7:00-8:30pm

The poets tell us that the world is made of stories, not atoms. So if your story is missing, our world is diminished, we all suffer. Come alive to a new form of memoir, one that is “by, and of you.” There’s a “Memoir(ista) Revolution” afoot, and it’s waiting for all of yur stories. Come take a step in that direction, and brighten our world with yours.


Presented by retired UConn Philosophy professor, Len Krimerman, PhD, co-creator of the “Memoirista Revolution:, whose “coming alive” memoir can be found


Yoga Born is a Member of The Alliance For Holistic Living which promotes holistic living in our communities East of the Connecticut River through collaborative ventures with integrity and respect for all creation.


Pet food donation REQUESTED. or call 860-432-5678.

Stop & Shop Plaza 1735 Ellington Rd South Windsor, CT 06074


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