The Real Story

The Real Story Written by Dawn Greenfield, Founder of Yoga Born

ct-small_outlined_orangeRecently I was asked about doing ”real yoga” by an individual that has occasionally attended Yoga Born classes for two years. I was baffled by the inquiry of “real yoga”. Quickly the conversation revealed itself to one of the many perspectives people have of yoga. Her belief of “real yoga” is what she has seen in social media snap shots of a pose or the graceful fluid movement from one pose to the next (vinyasa : vin·ya·sa). 

View More: be brutally honest I felt shocked and shattered regarding my progress on my professional mission to expand peoples awareness of the multi-faceted possibilities in a yoga practice.

Since opening Yoga Born we have met thousands of people who have explained every possible limited belief…I’m not flexible enough, I hate to breathe, I’m intimidated by all that spandex, I’m not a vegetarian, I don’t understand the names of the poses (and many many more!)

I was just interviewed by Zack of the Journal Inquirer inside Yoga Born. I explained my personal journey with yoga, my professional passion behind opening Yoga Born and the future of the business. 

I believe Yoga Born is at the leading edge of a shift in the culture of yoga. We open every day to support lifestyles that include whatever the individuals desires are. Each class is specific to your needs therefore each class is uniquely different. In this style of practicing personal alignment you begin to feel strong, flexible, relaxed and a sense of serenity.

Never been to a yoga class? Been to a few and feel lost? Taken a million and have questions? Doesn’t matter! Come join us where we start from the very beginning. We will introduce you to the world of all things fun about yoga, safe, and supportive environment. This week – we are inviting the newbies to step into practice! A special for unlimited yoga classes pass it on!

If you like what you’ve read here we would love to welcome you to “other side of yoga” at Yoga Born. ct-small_outlined_orange


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