Therapeutic Yoga

As you read this I believe NOW is the best time for you to find relief in our studio dedicated to a slow paced-alignment-based-therapeutic yoga practice.

Everyday is wonderful at Yoga Born. Our mission is teach you – You can do yoga at Yoga Born! Absolute beginners leave in AWE of what they could do in any Yoga Born class! Teachers skillfully design each class with you in mind to offer you a little more challenge or slow it down, it all depends on you! All you have to do is come on in!

You will feel immediately Yoga Born is the most welcoming and non-intimidating yoga studio in central Connecticut. When you are ready to give yourself the gift that no one else can visit Yoga Born!

We where born to have fun and find joy in each moment. We will help you improve flexibility, balance, mood and address other concerns with a practice that is appealing during midlife and beyond.  We are honored to teach you yoga for your changing needs while building your yoga confidence, encouraging self-care and love.

My heart overflows with gratitude to connect within positive community  in the evolving conversation of yoga. My goal is to teach yoga in a way that is complimentary to your lifestyle to support you during the stressful moments of  life and find peace in the quiet moments.

We take the lessons of clarity-acceptance-joy that we re-discover on our yoga mat and move forward more connected to who we really are.

Welcome to Yoga Born we are now celebrating two years of being of yoga service with therapeutic yoga for your highest benefit, visit today!


Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born Founder


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