Therapeutic Yoga : Uncommon practice with profound benefits

Yoga injuries were turned into blessings by Dawn Greenfield who sustained injuries while attending traditional yoga classes around 2006. She was living with chronic and exhausting pain that whittled away her hobbies and her quality of life. In February 2008 she and fiance Rob Nolan where introduced to Therapeutic Yoga. Within a week of practicing Dawn found relief after each session that was made up of familiar shapes taught with great detail to aligning the body, offering easy-filling breaths and slowing down with skill and positive focus.

Greenfield began healing within a few months and currently lives pain-free. Her daily practice, studies and eventually all yoga sessions she taught focused on therapeutic yoga. In October 2011 Greenfield a former yoga studio manager made a huge leap of faith “No more playing small, we’re going to open a yoga studio. I need to do what I’m meant to do – help more people by teaching therapeutic yoga.”

With a steady desire to hone in on a much needed Therapeutic Yoga practice to fully align body and mind. Yoga Born enter year three serving students with disabilities, post-surgery, arthritis, scoliosis, chronic pain, sedentary life styles, work related postural issues, pregnancy, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), golfers and the list goes on. Yoga Born offers a therapeutic yoga practice that purposely sets aside some traditional components and does not bring in modern dynamics found in hurried- hot-musically stimulating classes. Therapeutic Yoga sessions in Yoga Born are seasonally temperature controlled – never heated above 75 degrees. Taught in a calming room with detailed instruction, occasional demonstration your teacher observes the practice for your safety.

Public classes are always inclusive of absolute beginners, we love to teach people how much they can do and how good they can feel with therapeutic yoga. The culture of the studio is one that is uncommon to the area, staff and students introduce themselves to welcome new-comers, provide tours of the facility and answer questions.

A Therapeutic Yoga practice in groups or personal sessions is always non-intimidating and assures to be injury-free as one’s attention is undivided and focused on themselves. “We help people become more comfortable and confident within themselves easing into stillness and quiet. This can be under valued in our busy society but has an incredibly positive impact on the quality of life.” shares Rob Nolan who teaches within Yoga Born.

If you’re stressed out, out of shape and your energy is low visit Also offered Therapeutic Massage on Saturdays. Reiki sessions and Certifications Level I – Master. Yoga Born is on facebook sharing inspiration and health tips. Visit in person around a class time for a tour and take a class, dress in work-out clothing or your pajamas, we are casual and just be who you are.

To get started will range from $20 – $65


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