Three Easy Steps Towards Self – Support

“Before I started yoga I felt I had to take care of everyone around me until I couldn’t stand it any more. I have learned I no longer have to wait until my health, financial situation, or my emotional state collapses before paying attend to my needs.” Debbie A

Three Easy Steps Towards Self – Support

We had the strangest call from someone interested in taking our yoga classes. She wanted expected to get great results by only coming once a week.

Once a week! Can you believe that? Listen if you want to change your life and see results from a yoga practice you are going to need to show up REGULARLY. It really is that simple. Once a week does not cut it, even if you are running or doing other exercises. Yoga is a practice in focused, sustained, effort. You will only see and feel great results when done often.

We have a way for you to take away the guess work on how many times you need to practice yoga. Following our professional experience and advise will give you noticeable results in 6 weeks. 

Three Easy Steps Towards Self – Support


It is simple just follow these three steps by taking action. Commit to to your schedule and plug them into your appointments and then get to work.

Bonus Self-Support . . . Get a journal and write for 5 minutes in the morning. 



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