Vacation time?

Are you feeling as though your “falling apart”? Has it been years of giving to everyone in life but not you? Do you want to see some progress in your body/mind? You are not alone! VISIT TODAY


$10 Cash – First – Time – Visitors! Learn injury – free moves at a pace that any beginner will feel comfortable in and out of.


Each class you are encouraged to “Do what you can.” We have intimate – reasonable class sizes for individual attention to feel comfortable addressing your specific needs.


You’ll hit the TIPPING point and see progress with in 30 days!

I’m excited to share with you my techniques are a delicious combination of teaching you “how-to” move in and out of yoga positions that build your confidence and release stress from your body. Your daily distractions are behind you while I guide your focus towards your breath, feelings within your body, and celebrating everything your body is capable of doing today! In each class you’ll discover a vacation vibe during the busy-ness of life to dream the dreams you haven’t imagined yet and live your life without limits!



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