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GUEST BLOG BY : Sharon Shanti Danio

Sharon is an awesome yoga teacher and guide to the students that attend her classes and programs. Sharon is an inspiration to many as she lives her life authentically respecting herself and sharing yoga with the Yoga Born Studios spectacular yoga students. We are honored to have such a loving graceful presence in our community.

“My first experience with yoga was in high school. A yoga teacher came to teach a class. The gym was full of high school students, a lot of them giggling. I remember how much I loved it, how good and natural it felt in my body.

Eventually I went into the health and fitness world, teaching aerobics. I also became an avid runner, 25 to 30 miles per week. Then as I was going through my divorce I joined a gym and did cardio classes, weight training and “Yoga” for stretching…or so I thought. I found with my busy retail schedule I could only fit in so many classes in a week, I found over time I would miss the cardio classes and the weight training but I never wanted to miss yoga.

Eventually I started practicing yoga at a dedicated yoga studio and that made all the difference in the world. My practice deepened and at the suggestion of a dear friend, I became a yoga teacher.

When I arrive on my mat I feel like I have come home to my true self, my authentic self. Yoga has changed my health, my body, my entire life.”


We hope you’ll join Sharon Shanti Danio in her on-going classes or one of her Welcome to Yoga series.


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