Winter Wellness Kula

A mesage from Dawn Greenfield

I confess I secretly enjoy challenging myself on this journey of self-realization. I dabbled with borrowed library materials (what a riot), I tried town rec programs, and even gym yoga. Finally I decided the yoga studio was truly the best investment.

I had no idea yoga would be something I’d turn into my hobby for 15 years, travel the world to learn, become my career and my business. I have another little confession, when I opened a yoga business I dove in deep and put my killer work ethic to the test however I was no longer on my own radar.

As I spend snippets of time to check in with myself and take a personal inventory I’ve been challenging myself to become much more involved with me in more meaningful ways.

Very soon the arrival of winter and the holidays can have a similar impact on  each of us. I see a need to bring us together as in community to not only survive but to thrive!

Too often we see it all around us holiday stress leads to self neglect with limited movement, food choices that we view negatively, the arrival of a winter layer and this vicious cycle brings us into a new year. I hope you’ll choose a better path this winter, join us for Winter Wellness Kula (koo la) : community.

Why you want to participate in the Yoga Born Winter Wellness Kula … Starting Sat Nov 7

Up-level your self-care with group momentum to build routines that sustain how you truly want to live and how you age.

  • Creating a vision
  • Embrace a 90 day planning cycle
  • Lay out and manage your schedule
  • Group Momentum and Buddy System for self-care accountability
During the meetings practice….keeping the focus on you, intending a realistic action you will take before we meet again, using only positive self talk.
Meet on Alternating Saturdays  November 2015-January 2016
Starts 11/7


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