yoga burns calories

yoga burns calories

yoga burns calories

I want you to feel encouraged in yoga class and in life to know your true powerto live your life fully with JOY! Many

students at Yoga Born have been noticing within a few months of yoga their bodies are more tone. Along with the relaxation of yoga you’re also burning calories! This is great for you if you’re not a fan of hitting the track/treadmill/cycling. You can get a full body workout while letting go of unpleasing thoughts during yoga class.

In addition let’s consider what’s going into the body? The more you practice yoga the more sensitive you become to feeling your body fully. A perfect compliment to your yoga practice is a visit Your Oasis for Optimal Health & Learning at the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe. (Value Card!)

Your yoga practice is continual re-enforcement take care of yourself to enjoy feeling mentally flexible-clear and to help your family and friends. Slowing down the hurried pace of life for self nurturing and remembering personal values and that this life is priceless.

Yoga Born is dedicated to making lives better each day as a woman owned and family operated business with a mission to serve you, we’re dedicated to providing “World Class Yoga Services” to our students and support to our community.

We look forward to making yoga memories with you!


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