Yoga can help protect your bones

Therapeutic Yoga can help maintain bone mass, build strength and prevent injury.

Therapeutic Yoga sessions in Yoga Born are seasonally temperature controlled, never heated above 75 degrees. Taught in a calm room with detailed instruction, occasional demonstration while the teacher observes for your safety. Public classes are always inclusive of absolute beginners. The culture of the studio is one that is uncommon to the area, staff and students introduce themselves to welcome new-comers, provide tours of the facility and answer questions.

Bone-strengthening poses. 

Yoga Born sessions are designed to help strengthen the spine, hips and arms. They are appropriate whether you have osteoporosis, osteopenia or neither. Each pose includes important preparatory actions to make the practice safe and effective. You can simply do the prep or if you feel secure and strong, continue on to a fuller expression of the pose.

Your skeleton is alive, constantly breaking down and renewing itself in a process called bone remodeling. After about age 40, bone’s withdrawal period starts and less bone is replaced during remodeling. For women a drop in estrogen at the time of menopause leads to a more rapid and significant loss of bone mass. Therapeutic Yoga can strengthen bones to maintain the bone mass you already have.

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