Yoga for Golfers

I work a lot not just with in the studio but I take it to the street for Custom Corporate Yoga Classes and In Home Personalized Yoga Programs even to the woods at the Channel 3 Kids Camp. Many hours of driving and computer work have recently tweaked my back. I visited our family chiropractor and it helped a bit. Still not feeling 100% I went for a massage, that was great but still my back was feeling out of whack. I decided I had to get back to what I know best. Yoga!have dedicated 6am to be my hour for my yoga practice. I’ll be honest with a pile of laundry, dirty dishes and a garden that needs weeding It’s not easy to make that daily commitment.

The results have been outstanding, I’m feeling stronger in my physical body, today ONE WEEK later, my back feels fabulous! Just as important is my mood when I’m alone has leveled out to my cheerful self. Taking delight in the little things, a hawk flying over head, seeing someone in a vibrant outfit or overhearing someone laugh. It’s the simple things that can be most pleasing to me.


As a yoga advocate I let people know, “Yoga gives you tools that you can do anywhere when you need it the most to take care of yourself on every level.” I recall when Carlos first visited Yoga Born, a new yoga student and a lover of golf.

Carlos made a deal with his wife Cheryl, “I’ll go to yoga with you if you’ll golf with me.” Carlos had no idea what he was in for with this yoga practice but immediately enjoyed the community in Yoga Born. He attended an Open House, a free event and was shocked how tight he was. He followed up by registering for the Beginners Yoga for the Beginner 7 week series with Rob Nolan. He was hooked and has enjoyed improved sleeping since beginning his practice.


Carlos age 46 has now attended a total of 14 Classes at Yoga Born with-in the past 3 months. He posted on facebook, “Yoga is definitely helping my golf game! My handicap is lower…….Thanks to my friends Rob and Dawn!!”


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