You’re good at being busy….

How about trying something different this Spring?

If you are hardworking, stressed and think you can’t do yoga ~ this practice is for you!

Therapeutic Yoga will teach you how to simultaneously feel strong and relaxed. Our Team teaches Step-by-step instructions in each standalone session will meet your needs on the yoga mat and show you what is possible off the mat.

Yoga Born has a specific focus for students… Students will not be learning by rote, “x” number of poses in “x” number of weeks. The focus and content of each class is determined by what the student’s collectively bring to them each week. Flexibility is not a prerequisite, but rather an outcome of yoga. If it hurts it is not yoga!

We are not looking to fill classes with fitness enthusiasts, followers of fads or seekers of personal gurus. Yoga is a practice, not a work out, weight loss program or therapy session. We are interested in students that are ready to make a personal commitment to themselves that will serve them well.

This practice is sustainable and relevant to your everyday life. This practice will support you to live with purpose and practice loving the body you were born with!


Also available Yoga Classes, Therapeutic Yoga Personal Sessions, Corporate Yoga, Home Yoga, Reiki, Reiki Certifications, Reiki Shares, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage


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